Studies have shown that consumers are increasingly reliant upon online reviews when making purchasing decisions. In fact, a recent Nielson study found that 70 percent of global consumers trust online reviews. Asking customers to leave feedback is vital to improving sales.

We’ll prepare automated emails not only to request reviews, but to engage your customers with your brand. More rankings give your listings a hefty boost in Amazon’s algorithm and an increase your Best Seller Ranking and organic sales, and it’s completely compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Email campaigns are A/B tested to consistently improve open and click rates to ensure the highest review generation possible. Optimization of subject lines, copy, content, and timing of all emails allows us to perfect our approach over time to best suit your unique products and customer base.

  • Automated Email 1"Thank You For Your Order" Email

    Thanking the customer for their order immediately after they place their order shows them that you as a merchant value their business and leaves the customer with a good, reassuring feeling that their order is in good hands.
  • Automated Email 2"Please Rate Your Transaction" Email

    After the customer's product has been confirmed shipped, you can utilize this time to send an automated email to the customer asking them to rate their transaction on your Amazon store. When a customer provides positive feedback on your Amazon store, this plays into Amazon's algorithm to rank your products higher in search, related products, and more, leading to more sales.
  • Automated Email 3"Please Provide Product Feedback" Email

    Capture your customer's honest feedback by sending them an automated email asking them to leave a review on the product they purchased from you.


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